The Marketing Leadership You Need

I help companies create and execute a winning marketing strategy designed to reach their goals.

Tired of working 24/7 trying to grow your business?

Instead of wasting time and money trying to create and implement a digital marketing strategy, let me do it for you.

  • Create your marketing strategy
  • Correct your messaging and positioning
  • Create systems for your team to follow
  • Map out your customer journey
  • Hire and lead marketing employees and consultants to execute
  • Manage KPIs so your marketing makes you money

As Your Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, I...

Let me give you the marketing expertise you need to grow your business.

I’ll handle strategy, implementation, and optimization to ensure we're reaching your business goals using an effective strategy, team, process, and KPIs.

What is a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer?

A fractional CMO is the part-time executive who runs your marketing team and is responsible for all of your marketing outcomes.

A great fractional CMO will find out what your goals are and what has worked so far, and create a comprehensive marketing plan to achieve those goals.

Along the way, they will make sure your team is performing well and in good spirits. They’ll also put in the systems and processes to make your marketing a reliable asset to your company.

That’s what I can do for your business. I’d love to hear what your goals are…and help you reach them with marketing that gets results.

Enough about me, let’s talk about you.

If you...

👉 Are running your marketing department instead of being a CEO

👉 Not sure what campaigns to have your marketing team try next

👉 Don't have your customer journey mapped out, or clear KPIs for your campaigns

✨ Have a foolproof strategy with defined KPIs that grow your business

✨ Build an effective team to execute and optimize the strategy under expert leadership

✨ Increase your revenue, lower your costs, and crush your goals

Then you're in the right place!

Katti is very professional, accessible, and acts quickly to implement new campaigns and any changes. I’m very impressed with her and thrilled to have her as my Facebook Ad account manager.” 
-Valerie M. , The Crafty Classroom

“You really hit it out of the park with these! I am very pleased with how the email sequence and blasts turned out!” 
-Jennifer C.

“I don't have to ask you questions because I trust that it's getting done. We've been a little bit spoiled! We value your intelligence and how passionate you are about what you do.”
-Bri T.

-Kristina H.

“Katti was wonderful to work with! She was always very responsive and understanding of my goals and her technical expertise was amazing!”
-Joy W.

“Working with Nadora was a great experience and truly met my expectations”
-Andrew S.

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